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Use the download link below to download the version of your choice. If you need additional languages, please see the languages download page. For info on how to install the clock and additional langauges, see the "how to"-pages" in the menu.

Multilingual Speaking Clock ver 2.52 [what's new]

This program is freeware. Feel free to download it and share it with others.

The file size is 1680 kb and it includes English, French and German languages for time announcements. You will need an unzip utility to open the file.

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The software available from this page is absolutely free to download and to use. Donations are of course welcome, please use the link below if you feel you want to make a donation.

Clicking the download link will open up a new window. From there, please click the download link.

Looking for Speaking Clock Deluxe?
This version is no longer beeing distributed. If you are a registered user, please send an email to clocksupport[at] (please include your license details), and you will get a valid download link for the latest version (3.52).

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